Sunday, January 31, 2016

St. George Weekend

We went to St. George this weekend to attend the blessing of my dear friend's baby boy.
It was snowing in SLC when we left Saturday morning but the snow was gone by Provo.
We got to Dixie around 1, saw my friend's adore house near the temple and met her 2 month old son. He is a charmer for sure! Then we all went to lunch at Tiki Island and had yummy rice noodle bowls.
Then we checked in to our hotel, the fab Abbey Inn on Bluff Street. I was so impressed with our hotel. They had polite workers at the front desk, clean rooms, comfy beds, and Bath and Body Works products in the bathroom. Plus we had a full complimentary breakfast with a waffle bar and omelette station.
We spend the morning walking around the St. George LDS temple and the Brigham Young Winter Home. St. George is charming and lovely!
We then went to my friend's parent's ward for the blessing of the baby and to hear her brother's homecoming report. (Funny story, we went to this same brother's farewell 2 years ago in SLC!!).
We need to hit the road soon as a winter storm was rolling in so we made a quick stop at her parent's house for pictures and a luncheon.
Yes, I cried when we said goodbye because I'm a softy that hates leaving the ones I love.
We then had a 7 hour white-knuckle drive home.
I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


After 16 and a half years, I finally got my tetanus vaccine. That makes for 2 shots since October 2015. What is happening to me?! Am I not as terrified of needles as I thought it is my maturity outweighing my fears?
The last time I had a tetanus shot was May 1999 before we went to Peru for the first time. We were at the Stake Center going through trip orientation and a nurse came in to administer the injections. I was in the back row having a full on tantrum where I was yelling, screaming, kicking my arms and legs. My mother had to sit on top of me while my 3 sisters held down my arms and legs. It was awful.
This time, I went to the pharmacy with Lesley and my brother administered the injection. It wasn't bad but burned more than the flu shot he gave me in October. I did need Lesley to hold my hand as I would've preferred to run away.
I got the shot about 5 hours ago and my arm is really staring to be sore and tender. Just texting in bed is making my arm hurt. We shall see what the next few days bring.
See ya in 10 years, TDaP!!

Ps: TDaP is the name of the tetanus vaccine and it also includes other vaccines like Whooping Cough AKA Pertussis. Hooray for immunity!!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birthday Ballon Ninjas

Today my nephew Aaron turned 9 years old.
Instead of a present, I wanted to give him a surprise.
While he was at his birthday party, Lesley and I snuck into his house and filled his room with 50 red balloons and a big gold mylar number 9.
Aaron's sister Ashley video recorded his reaction and the confused, surprised smile on his face was priceless!!
Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Aunties love you so much!!

Team Valie

It's competition cheer season for the Dawsons. This is the third year my niece Valerie has been with a cheer gym and I am so blown away by her skills and talent. This girl works hard!!
You see that picture below, Val lifts and stunts a 90 pound girl ALL BY HERSELF. She is awesome!!!
Go Valie!!!! Team Valie!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fit Fun Friday

Today was Fit Fun Friday at VRx. They had Wii U games in the conference room and Just Dance on XBox Kinnect (sp?) in the break room.
My supervisor all let us take an hour off the phones so we could play. Yay!!
My game of choice is Just Dance. I don't know how or why but I am surprisingly good at Just Dance. My sister got the game several years ago on her first Wii. I remember playing it at the cabin and having so much fun. Then last February, VRx had a game tournament and I won the Just Dance category- yay!!!!!
Today was not a competition but I won every dance/game. (Defending my title like a champ). It was so so so much fun to dance and play with my coworkers.
The not so fun part was being hot and sweaty at my desk after the awesome hour of fun.
I feel like I'm super serious at work (#gsd) so it was nice to let loose for a bit.
Thanks Fit Fun Friday!!!!

PS- the company I work for is awesome!!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Confession no. 947

I worry so much about being passive aggressive that I go strait to aggressive.

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Time Capsule

I resolve in 2016 to write in this journal every day.
It was an inspired gifts from my BFF Kendra.
This is a 5 year journal and it asks you a question each day like "Can people change?" or "What is your mission?". Deep.
There is a section for each year on the page so on January 1 for 5 years I will answer the same question.
This will be an interesting time capsule of my life in my early 30s.

New Year, New Bedding

2016 will be the year of gingham. I got this cute new grey/white gingham duvet at IKEA to go with my purple Ralph Lauren gingham sheets I got a few years ago at TJ MAXX.
It's a change from my previous floral bedding but I think I'll like this a lot, plus it goes really great with the fluffy blanket Haley and Steve gave me for Christmas.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Throwback Thursday, New Year's Eve Edition

Here is my post from New Year's Eve 2005.
It's amazing how much and yet how little things have changed in 10 years. Age 11 to 21 is a huge change but age 21 to 31 is like, "ehh".
I am happy to report that I accomplished most of my goals/resolutions for 2006 and that feels good.
I have one "goal" for 2016 and that is to write in my journal each day. My best friend got me a 5 year journal that I can't wait to try out.
Happy New Year!!

An Accounting of 2015

Lots has happened this year. I was promoted to Senior Benefit Advocate and I became a Certified Pharmacy Technician.
I learned how to appliqué over Christmas weekend while working on Catherine's felt stocking.
I was able to go on 3 vacations this year: 2 long weekends (one in Southern California and one to Las Vegas), and a week visiting my cousin in Seattle, WA.
My favorite song of 2015 is "Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift.
My favorite movie of 2015 is Far From the Maddening Crowd.
My favorite color of 2015 is Gold.
My favorite TV show of 2015 is Parks & Rec.
My favorite TV show to binge watch on Netflix in 2015 is MASH.
My favorite YouTube channel is BubzVlogs.
My favorite lipstick for 2015 is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Smitten.
My favorite mascara in 2015 is Covergirl Lash Blast Volume.
My favorite beauty product of 2015 is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer.
My favorite treat of 2015 is cinnamon salt water taffy.

Here is to looking forward to 2016 and the adventures it will bring!!

Happy New Year 2016

It's not even 6 PM yet on New Years's Eve but I am already ready for bed, pjs and all.
2015 was an exhausting year filled with hard work and good memories.
I don't make many resolutions as I like to see where the Lord leads me. I know I am not in control here and I'm happy to go for the ride. I do see myself getting my Utah Pharmacy Tech license and hopefully buying a car in 2016 but we shall see. :)