Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Day Park Hopping from Disneyland to California Adventure

Friday, April 15, 2016

Butter Beer at Hogsmead


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Day at Universal Studios

Our Day in Hollywood, Part 5

After we left to observatory, it was time to check in to our hotel, the Hilton at Universal.
We have a great, clean, updated room with lots of space. The lobby had real flowers arranged in large displays.
We then went Universal City Walk for dinner. It's cold here at night! Then we headed back for an early bed time.
Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow!!!

Our Day in Hollywood, Part 4

As I said in my cupcake taste test post, we went up to the Griffith Observatory to eat our cupcakes. The view of the Hollywood sign and the towering skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles was spectacular.
We walked all around the observatory and saw all of the exhibits. Space is amazing!!!! I'm sad I didn't appreciate all my of science classes in school because our planet, our solar system, our universe is breathtaking and mind blowing. It makes me feel so small and yet so lucky. Lucky to be born on this planet. Lucky to be born in this family. Lucky I get to travel and see these kind of places. Lucky we get to learn new things every day.

Our Day in Hollywood, Part 3 Cupcake Taste Test

While at The Grove, they had a Sprinkles Cupcake so I decided we would do a taste test of chocolate cake with white icing between Sprinkles and Susie Cakes.
I had seen a BuzzFeed Ladylike cupcake taste tear and they said Susie Cakes was best and since Susie Cakes is just a few block away from The Grove I had to try it out.
We purchased two cupcakes at each bakery, the black and white, and something different.
At Sprinkles, we got a vegan red velvet, and at Susie Cakes get got a lemon cupcake.
We took our cupcakes to the Griffith Observatory and sat at a picnic table overlooking the famous Hollywood sign.

Our Review of Black & White Cupcakes
Susie Cakes:
The cupcake frosting was still soft, like it had just been frosted with a light dusting of disk sprinkles. It made it a little hard to get out of the box but also didn't feel stale or old; it was fresh. The cake tasted like chocolate but not too rich. The frosting was creamy vanilla and was a good frosting to cake ratio. The cake was moist and tender, but it started to fall a part after 2-3 bites.
In my mind, this is what you expect homemade, from a cake mix, cupcake to taste like and I loved it!!!!
These cupcakes looked professional. The frosting had a slight crust so you didn't get sticky getting the cupcake out of the box. There were chocolate shavings decorating the top. The cake was firm but not dry and had a rich chocolate flavor, almost like dark chocolate. Good ratio of frosting to cake and the cake did not fall a part as we ate it.
Lesley loved this cupcake.

Results: we are split. I preferred Susie Cakes and Lesley preferred Sprinkles. The prices are comparable (between $3.50 and $3.75) and I would gladly order dozens of both cupcakes.

As for the lemon and vegan red velvet. Both were amazingly delicious and I am already craving another one! I am not vegan but I had heard the Sprinkles Vegan Red Velvet was even better than regular Red Velvet. The Vegan was made with coconut oil and it made the cupcake moist and rich. It may have been one of the best cupcakes I had ever eaten.

Our Day in Hollywood, Part 2

We went to The Grove and the attached Farmer's Market for lunch.

Our Day in Hollywood, Part 1

We arrived at LAX at 6:25 AM so we had all day to explore Hollywood, California.
We first went to breakfast at Dialog which was delicious (thank you Internet!).
Then we drove to Hollywood & Highland and explored the Dolby Theater lobby, the Chinese Theater with the star's hand prints in cement. I was surprised about how many "famous" people I've never heard of. The theater plaza closed early as they needed to set up for a movie premier, Mother's Day with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.
We walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard and saw stars on the Walk of Fame. Again, a lot of people I have never heard of. Lesley said it is interesting that you may be immortalized in stone but it really doesn't mean anything if you aren't remembered.
On to part 2 at The Grove!!

Friday, March 18, 2016


The first time we have actually presidential primary rallies in Utah over 1 weekend and I get the flu. Grrrrr...
I wanted to go to as many as I could but I'm too sick. I was hoping to hear Bernie Sander speak and Ted Cruz.
I don't not agree with Bernie Sanders but I wanted to keep an open mind and "feel the Bern" but his rally was being held during the work day. Luckily (wink) I got pretty sick and work and had to go home to throw up (gross). I got to hear some of his speech streaming on the radio. The things he says are great but how are we supposed to pay for them when we are already in so much debt?! Tax the middle class; people like me who work hard for our money but because I don't have a house or children I have no tax ride-offs.
I think I'll probably vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday (yay for online voting!!) but I'm still not sure exactly how he can/will accomplish the things he proposes especially as he a Constitutionalist. You cannot repeal ACA (aka Obamacare). It is already in effect and you cannot take away a government program once it is in effect (I'm looking at you Medicare and Social Security). Also, illegal immigration is not the problem; the problem is legal immigration. We need to make it easier to come to this country lawfully.
Ok- political rant over.
Gonna go take some medicine and cuddle up with my cats.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

St. George Weekend

We went to St. George this weekend to attend the blessing of my dear friend's baby boy.
It was snowing in SLC when we left Saturday morning but the snow was gone by Provo.
We got to Dixie around 1, saw my friend's adore house near the temple and met her 2 month old son. He is a charmer for sure! Then we all went to lunch at Tiki Island and had yummy rice noodle bowls.
Then we checked in to our hotel, the fab Abbey Inn on Bluff Street. I was so impressed with our hotel. They had polite workers at the front desk, clean rooms, comfy beds, and Bath and Body Works products in the bathroom. Plus we had a full complimentary breakfast with a waffle bar and omelette station.
We spend the morning walking around the St. George LDS temple and the Brigham Young Winter Home. St. George is charming and lovely!
We then went to my friend's parent's ward for the blessing of the baby and to hear her brother's homecoming report. (Funny story, we went to this same brother's farewell 2 years ago in SLC!!).
We need to hit the road soon as a winter storm was rolling in so we made a quick stop at her parent's house for pictures and a luncheon.
Yes, I cried when we said goodbye because I'm a softy that hates leaving the ones I love.
We then had a 7 hour white-knuckle drive home.
I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


After 16 and a half years, I finally got my tetanus vaccine. That makes for 2 shots since October 2015. What is happening to me?! Am I not as terrified of needles as I thought it is my maturity outweighing my fears?
The last time I had a tetanus shot was May 1999 before we went to Peru for the first time. We were at the Stake Center going through trip orientation and a nurse came in to administer the injections. I was in the back row having a full on tantrum where I was yelling, screaming, kicking my arms and legs. My mother had to sit on top of me while my 3 sisters held down my arms and legs. It was awful.
This time, I went to the pharmacy with Lesley and my brother administered the injection. It wasn't bad but burned more than the flu shot he gave me in October. I did need Lesley to hold my hand as I would've preferred to run away.
I got the shot about 5 hours ago and my arm is really staring to be sore and tender. Just texting in bed is making my arm hurt. We shall see what the next few days bring.
See ya in 10 years, TDaP!!

Ps: TDaP is the name of the tetanus vaccine and it also includes other vaccines like Whooping Cough AKA Pertussis. Hooray for immunity!!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birthday Ballon Ninjas

Today my nephew Aaron turned 9 years old.
Instead of a present, I wanted to give him a surprise.
While he was at his birthday party, Lesley and I snuck into his house and filled his room with 50 red balloons and a big gold mylar number 9.
Aaron's sister Ashley video recorded his reaction and the confused, surprised smile on his face was priceless!!
Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Aunties love you so much!!

Team Valie

It's competition cheer season for the Dawsons. This is the third year my niece Valerie has been with a cheer gym and I am so blown away by her skills and talent. This girl works hard!!
You see that picture below, Val lifts and stunts a 90 pound girl ALL BY HERSELF. She is awesome!!!
Go Valie!!!! Team Valie!!!