Saturday, April 05, 2014

I'm a Part-Time Tooth Fairy

It is no secret that I love pulling teeth. I pulled out ALL of mine and Lesley's in one night while in the second grade. We were toothless monsters for years!!
As a teenager, I pulled the loose teeth of the kids I would babysit.
Now as Auntie, I have pulled at least 1-4 teeth of all my nieces and nephews, minus LaurieLoo and Lady Cate. Jackers was the last hold out. He never would let me even get close... Until tonight (insert evil laugh here). The whole family is at the cabin for LDS General Conference Weekend. I went to bed earlier than everyone else but I was awoken by sweet Laurie's voice, "Auntie, Auntie wake up! Jack-Jack has a tooth you can pull out!" and I was instantly up. She led me upstairs and Jack was there at the top with his mom. His front tooth was just hanging by a thread and it was an easy job. He was so nervous that his mom had to hold him down. He kept curling his top lip around his teeth and crying out in his deep baritone voice. Two pulls and it was out!! We all cheered and Val and Ash both got it on video.
I know I'm a freak about teeth but I am SO happy that I have been able to help my nieces and nephews in these big moments in their life.

I helped Val pull out her front tooth at Leatherby's.
I pulled out Ash's front tooth right before a family photo.
I pulled out Evan's front tooth at Aunt Nancy's BBQ.
I pulled out Aaron's front tooth at Grandma's house.

And now we will forever remember the time Auntie pulled out Jack's front tooth at the cabin on General Conference Weekend.

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Dalene Chachere said...

Well, that is quite a gift you've got going there. People, both young and old, would really want nothing more than to part with their loose teeth as soon as they can. While anyone can deal with the strains to their dental health, they would still need professional help for more serious ailments. Thankfully this was not the case this time.

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