Thursday, March 03, 2011

Art Find of the Day... Alex K. Mason

So as I was browsing this morning, I discovered this interesting artist. Alex K. Mason has her MFA in painting and is very much inspired the landscape of New Zealand (where she studied for 2 years.  Her works are in several collections mainly in the South, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest while her paintings have been included in 2 issues of Domino (one of my favorite style magazines).  She currently resides in Australia.


Here is the link to her prints (both in canvas and paper) from


Here is the link to her personal website about her history and background:


I am truly excited and intrigued by her work. She has a primitivistic approach to the classic subject matters of landscape and still life with a Post-Modern twist.  She has objects, like branches, that enter and leave the picture plane similar to Japanese landscape painting, but then encourages the drips and staining much like Jackson Pollock and Helen Frakenthaler.*  I would love to see one of her originals, I bet the texture is fantastic!


I’d love to hear what you think.




* Alex K. Mason most likely paints on an easel whereas Pollock and Frankenthaler painted with the canvas on the floor.





Miss Endless Agony (down under) said...

I just came across my work on your blog. Thank you for posting it! I really like your description and take on my work. It sounds so much better coming from someone other than myself.
Alex K. Mason